How We Work

The Consultancy Process


A disciplined process will govern the way we progress an initial inquiry through to the successful completion of a project. Clearly there will be flexibility and discussions on the way, but it is important that these steps are observed in order to absolutely minimise reputational, commercial and physical risk, and most importantly to guarantee that the client gets significant value for money. High quality delivery will help generate new business.


We will always ascribe to the following values and standards:

  • Be excellent ambassadors for both the Company and the movement.
  • We will not take on work for the sake of it – we will only deploy when we know we can deliver significant value.
  • We will not deploy to dangerous parts of the World.
  • A commitment by a team member to deploy must be honoured unless dire circumstances intervene.
  • We will work extended days to give the client the best value for money.
  • We will never be under the influence of alcohol to the detriment of the task.
  • All agreed deadlines will always be met.
  • We will maintain client and company confidentiality at all times
  • We will treat each other and our clients with respect
  • And finally, we will be fun people to work with, both within the team and for our clients.